Submit your Abstract




Submission Guidelines and Process

Participants wishing to present an oral communication, or a poster, must send their abstractby email to no later than 15th November 2021. Proposals should be a maximum of one page (500 words) and will have to conform to the guidelines outlined below. 


Abstracts must be presented according to the following guidelines

(please use the template available on the website): 


Max Size: 500 words

Type of presentation:“Paper” or “Poster”, Times New Roman 12, Bold italics, small capital letters, alignment: centre

Authors: Times New Roman 12, Bold, small capital letters for the family name, small letters for the first name, alignment: Left 

Title:Times New Roman 14, Bold, alignment: left 

Institution: Times New Roman 10, alignment: left 

Presenting author: “Presenting author: name (email)”, Times New Roman 10, alignment: left

Text: Times New Roman 12, paragraph indent 0.63cm, alignment: justify

Filename: Please save your abstract in Word (.docx, .doc or .rtf formats). The file should be named as the following: “author.doc” or “author_et_al.doc”. 


  • No figures and no references must be included in the abstract. 

  • Abstracts that do not meet the requirements stated above will be rejected.


Due to the large number of proposals, if you wish to make multiple presentations, please limit yourself to one oral presentation and submit posters for any other presentations.

Evaluation Process


Abstracts will be evaluated by an international scientific committee that will determine the final list of selected papers. Papers will be assigned to individual sessions by the Scientific Committee. Organisers reserve the right to place oral presentations into posters, or vice versa.


The decision of the Scientific Committee on the acceptability of the submission is final.

Authors will receive an acknowledgement of receipt after submission of their abstract and will be informed about the acceptance of their proposal. Abstracts received after the deadline will not be accepted.

Notification of abstract acceptance will be issued by 31st January 2022.

Click here to download the abstract template